Hikers at Utah’s Mount Timpanogos have a warning for pet owners after mountain goats killed three dogs in front of their owners in just one month. If you’re planning to take a hike at Timp with your dog please please please keep it on a leash. These fatalities are as tragic as they are avoidable. Here’s what The Timpanogos Emergency Response Team (TERT) has to say about the situation:

Timpanogos Emergency Response Team:

“On Saturday, August 19th, the third dog in as many weeks was killed by mountain goats on Mount Timpanogos. These incidents are tragic and we’d like to remind you of rules and etiquette to keep all of the animals safe. In the case of the incident this weekend, the dog was off leash and harassed a mother goat with babies, leading to the mother goat pushing the dog off of a cliff. It is the responsibility of dog owners to keep their animals under control at all times, as well as to pack out their waste. Allowing your dogs to chase goats carries fines akin to poaching.

Both dogs and people need to pay attention while on the trails. In 2021, Ruby the dog rounded a corner of the Emerald Lake shelter at the same moment a goat appeared from the other side. She tried to run, but the goat ran her down and threw her in the air. She sustained puncture wounds in her hip, but with veterinary care, fully recovered. On the mountain, goats and wildlife have right of way. We are guests in their space. The mountain goats on Timp are usually very mellow and will walk fairly close to people. Please keep your distance, even if it means delays on your hike.

In addition to goats, there are moose, bears, cougars, and other wildlife on the trail. The same rules of keeping your distance apply. Moose are the most likely to obstruct the trail. Be patient, stay out of their way, and we can all coexist peacefully.”

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Photos from Timpanogos Emergency Response Team Facebook