A series of videos posted to Facebook last week show a grizzly bear brutally mauling and tearing apart a black bear on the side of a road.

While it’s certainly not the most common site to behold, it’s not unheard of. Grizzly bears will eat whatever they need to survive. Sometimes that’s plants, sometimes that’s bugs, sometimes that’s fish, and sometimes it’s other bears. Being able to catch it on camera, however, is a pretty rare occasion.

As a warning, this video does show a black bear actively being killed, so it’s pretty graphic. If you’ve got a weak stomach, don’t want to see an animal be killed, or are about to show this clip to a young child, don’t watch this video.

It’s definitely a bit upsetting to see stuff like this, but it is just the way life in the wild works. Animals are hunted and killed by apex predators every day, including, potentially, the grizzly in this video. But it is still pretty sad to watch.

I feel the worst for the kid in the background. The “poor bear” is filled with despair, and you can tell that kid just wants to get out of there. That said, it’s a pretty cool sight to see in person, and I’m not shocked that the adults in the vehicle had a hard time tearing their eyes away from it.

The comments on videos like these are always a blast to read. Someone always manages to say something like: “why are you filming when you could be saving the bear?” I’ll let you do some digging for those comments yourself, but I promise they’re in there. What is the person behind the camera going to do? Get in there and fight for the black bear? Besides, interrupting anything like this is very anti-leave no trace, and we don’t support that one bit.

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Image Credit: Susan Griffith via Facebook