VIDEO: Yellowstone Tourists Sit WAY Too Close To Bison Battle

“Holy crap. Look at this power. Wow. Sorry about the wiggle there was a bee on my finger.”

We all love a good bison battle clip. Not that we want to see any animal get hurt, but nature is epic, and being able to see a video of how epic it is is always a treat. This first video is all that. Just an epic bison video with some good commentary from a woman who sounds quite a bit like Jennifer Coolidge. Unfortunately, the whole story isn’t just that of a bison fight. Like many animal related videos that come out of Yellowstone, we’re talking about stupid tourists.

The fist clip, like we’ve already mentioned, is just a cool video of two bison fighting. Things get a bit more interesting in the second clip. One can assume that the second clip was filmed before the first clip, as that’s what makes the most sense timeline wise.

The couple in this video are clearly wayyyy too close to this bison battle. My guess would be somewhere around 10 feet of space between the cameramen and the battling animals, a distance that could be closed in a flash. Yellowstone National Park requests that visitors stay at least 25 yards (75 feet) away from bison and other animals (100 yards from wolves and bears).

Fortunately the couple appears to have listened and backed away, so nobody was injured or even charged. But, as original poster Cindy Shaffer states, this is a great example of “what not to do in Yellowstone!!!”

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Image Credit: Cindy Shaffer via Facebook