“Parking lot of Hayden Valley in Yellowstone National Park. Bison in the rut. I was outside my car watching a herd of bison in the valley. About 1/2 mile away, I saw about 20 bison running. When they got 300 yards away, I told the people next to me, We better get in our cars. As soon as I shut my car door, these two bulls came out of nowhere.”

Heavyweight battle filmed from the window of a passing car in Yellowstone as two bison face off for a rainy sparring session. The bison rut usually takes place between July through September and its spectacular. Bison are the largest land mammals in North America (male bison can weigh 2,000lbs) and witnessing them establish dominance is something else. Remember folks, during the rut bison are especially aggressive and if they take their attention off their foe they can close the distance on spectators in the blink of an eye (top speed 35 mph). If you plan on watching the bison rut do so from a respectable distance.

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The Yellowstone bison rut is a captivating natural phenomenon that occurs every year in the fall. Usually spanning from late July to early September, this period is marked by intense mating behavior among the bison population in Yellowstone National Park. Male bison, known as bulls, engage in spectacular displays of dominance and aggression to establish their hierarchy and win the right to mate with receptive females, or cows. These displays involve fierce battles, where bulls clash their massive heads, creating a resounding spectacle.

The bison rut serves as a vital component of the park’s ecosystem, as it helps regulate the bison population and ensures the survival of the fittest genes. It’s also a captivating spectacle for park visitors, drawing many wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, and nature lovers who gather to witness this remarkable display of raw power and primal instincts amidst the stunning backdrop of Yellowstone’s unique landscape.