Pardon the course language in this video but I think you will agree its justified. Marin Leigh Barclay was on a camping trip with her family in New Mexico’s Cimarron Canyon State Park when they had an unexpected feline visitor to their campsite. Lots of comments on the health of this mountain lion and why the normally reclusive animal so comfortable in the presence of humans. I’m no expert but the cat does look on the thin side and may have been a bit desperate. Have a look, what do you think?

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Mountain lions, also known as cougars or pumas, are powerful and elusive predators that inhabit various regions across North and South America. As majestic as they may be, encountering a mountain lion in the wild can be a potentially dangerous situation. To ensure safety in areas where mountain lions are present, it is crucial to be informed and take necessary precautions.

Firstly, it’s essential to understand mountain lion behavior. They are solitary creatures that primarily hunt at dawn and dusk, so being outdoors during these times increases the chance of an encounter. Additionally, mountain lions are known for their stealth, and they may observe potential prey for an extended period before striking. If you come across a mountain lion, avoid running as it might trigger their instinct to chase. Instead, stand your ground, make yourself appear larger by raising your arms or opening your jacket, and maintain eye contact without staring them down aggressively.

Furthermore, it is wise to travel in groups when exploring mountain lion territory. Larger groups are less likely to be perceived as prey and may deter an attack. Keep children and pets close to you and within your sight at all times. Additionally, refrain from hiking or jogging alone, especially in remote areas.

Carrying bear spray can be effective in deterring a mountain lion. Although it is called bear spray, it can also be used as a deterrent against other wildlife threats, including mountain lions. Familiarize yourself with its proper use before heading out into the wilderness.

Lastly, be cautious around areas where mountain lions are likely to hunt, such as deer carcasses or dense vegetation. Make noise while walking, so as not to surprise a lion inadvertently, and consider avoiding those areas during peak hunting times.

By staying informed and following these safety tips, you can reduce the risk of potential conflicts with mountain lions and appreciate their presence from a distance while ensuring your safety in their natural habitat. Remember, preserving their natural behavior and habitats is vital for the continued coexistence of humans and mountain lions.