I know I’d be puking in seconds if I was on this sailboat rocked by a rogue wave. Professional surfer Jamie O’Brien shot this clip on the coast of Honolulu, sharing it with the world via TikTok. There’s a lot going on in this video, too. I’m concerned for the guy just chilling out on the jetti (what if one of the waves hits him?) and the people up in the sky keep catching my eye. Of course, the highlight of the video is the sailboat surfing the wave, no doubt accidentally.


Everything went wrong so fast!!! #roguewavefyp @Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience

♬ original sound – Jamie O’Brien

Let’s not forget Jamie O’Brien’s commentary, either. His words make this video a lot more entertaining. Take some time to explore the rest of his page if you’ve never checked it out. He has a good number of videos like this and the commentary is always gold. Here’s one of a catamaran getting slammed by some waves off of Waikiki.

As many commenters point out, the boat is probably fine after the video. The people actually sailing the boat are probably pretty experienced, and that specific catamaran is know to be at the beach nearly every day. That said, it’s still a fun watch, and I can’t imagine the tourists who are likely on board are enjoying themselves all that much.

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Image Credit: Jamie O’Brien via TikTok