On July 10, Bluebird Backcountry announced its permanent closure. Opening in 2020, Bluebird was a backcountry-only ski area which offered a unique opportunity to practice touring in a monitored environment. It featured the main amenities of a traditional ski area (eg. lessons and rentals) without the chairlifts and the dreaded lift lines. The concept of a backcountry-only ski area was unique to Bluebird at the time of their opening, and it is a model that co-founder and CEO Jeff Woodward hopes to continue in the future. Money and location are the main drivers of the close, not the idea itself. In the press release, Woodward stated:

“It’s probably a surprise to no one that land is the biggest barrier to entry in the ski industry. Bear Mountain has good snow and terrain and has been a beautiful home, but we’re not located near our core customer. More than 60% of our guests live in the Front Range, which means lots of folks are driving three-plus hours each way for the day or weekend.”

For the month of July, Bluebird has asked all who have made wonderful memories to contribute photos to Kudoboard.

You can read Bluebird Backcountry’s announcement and full press release here. Bluebird’s social media announcement is below:

“With heavy hearts and much love, today we announce that Bluebird Backcountry is closing its gates permanently.

From concept to prototypes to test season to Bear Mountain, the past six years have been the most incredible journey of our lives. It’s only been possible because you believed in us and our idea, and we’re so grateful for your support.

Together, we’ve proven that a monumental dream can come alive, and we’ve made an irreversible mark on the ski industry. As backcountry skiing and snowboarding continue to grow in popularity, places like Bluebird Backcountry will become ever more important. And we hope we’ve cleared the lane for “backcountry lite” to enter another new and unimaginable chapter…

We will always remember the great times. And the mountains live on. Be safe, be joyous, and we will see you out there.”

Photos Courtesy of Bluebird Backcountry