WATCH: Juggling While Skiing In Deep Powder

WATCH: Juggling While Skiing In Deep Powder


WATCH: Juggling While Skiing In Deep Powder


Every once in a while, something will come across my computer screen and leave me absolutely dumbfounded. Joe Cronquist, more commonly known as Teton Juggler, has left me more dumbfounded and awestruck than I’ve been in years, no doubt about that.

Skiing in deep powder isn’t easy, despite how much we love it, and I certainly wouldn’t say juggling well and consistently is easy (I’ve managed to successfully juggle something once in my life, I would say). Combining the two, however, that’s some top tier talent, so let me. introduce you to the world of SKUGGLING.

Interestingly enough, this guy is currently raising money on GoFundMe for a 5-7 foot unicycle, some LED cubes, and… 3 specialized juggling chainsaws. Go give him some support if you feel so inclined! I would definitely feel safer if we knew he wasn’t planning to ski with the chainsaws though…

Image Credit: Teton Juggler via Instagram

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