WATCH: The Hardest Crashes From 'Anywhere From Here'

WATCH: The Hardest Crashes From 'Anywhere From Here'


WATCH: The Hardest Crashes From 'Anywhere From Here'


Believe it or not, but your favorite skier doesn’t always stick the landing.

In fact, they can fall quite often when filming a project because they’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on skis.

The video below is a montage of the best crashes and falls from Matchstick Productions’ 2022 film ‘Anywhere From Here’.

Check it out:

It’s nice knowing that the best skiers in the world fall from time to time. It helps my ego just the tiniest bit.

On another note, did anybody else notice the clip at the 00:34 mark where those two skiers collapse through snow built up on a log crossing a stream?

That was wild. I’ve never seen something like that happen before.

Glad everybody was okay so we can laugh at how ridiculous it was.

Remember that crashing is okay. Stay safe out there, and don’t get down on yourself when you’re having a bad ski day. It happens!

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