Dancing Après Baby Is A Vibe (Video)

Dancing Après Baby Is A Vibe (Video)


Dancing Après Baby Is A Vibe (Video)


A video of a baby dancing to house music at an après ski party is taking the internet by storm.

The video was originally posted by @chachascrew to Instagram, and the clip has gone mega viral. So much so, that a trend has started where skiers film themselves dancing like the baby to the same song.

Check out the original clip below. This baby’s moves are a vibe.

Keep the trend going.

Get your local après DJ to play this song, (it’s “Bel Mercy” by Jengi), find your best puffy pink jacket, and vibe out with your friends.

This is one internet trend that I’m completely onboard with. Let’s go.

Here’s a longer version as well:

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