Skiing/snowboarding and conservation often go hand in hand and, in my opinion, a skier or snowboarder who doesn’t care for the environment isn’t much of a skier or snowboarder.

The Cascades Wolverine Project is one of those fantastic organizations working to involve outdoor enthusiasts in conservation through documentation of the wolverine population in Washington’s Cascade Range. Essentially, they’re storytellers hoping to bring awareness towards a dwindling population through videos, photography, events, and more.

Their film, Finding Gulo, is a great presentation as to what they do and how they do it. It also features a lot of quality backcountry skiing and highlights the beauty of the Cascades, an area I didn’t know much about until I saw this. You should spend the next 30-minutes giving it a good watch. If you’re interested in learning more about the Cascades Wolverine Project, check out their website, and if you’re feeling generous, consider giving them your support through a donation.

Image Credit: Wild Confluence via Vimeo

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