“Guest In Residence Ski Lodge, pieces to layer & hit the slopes, or just to keep you chic and cozy this holiday season. Our first collection inspired by winter sports.” –Gigi Hadid

Are you in market for $820 leggings/hoodie combo base layer thats inspired by speed skating? Me neither but if you’re into high-end fashion on the slopes you might be interested in this new line of winter sports inspired clothes from supermodel Gigi Hadid’s brand Guest In Residence. Featuring skews like The Gondola Sweater, Ski Patrol Hat, and The Ski Team Polo, Gigi is definitely leaning into the alpine theme for the 100% cashmere garment line. We’re definitely more of the flipping parking lot hotdogs off the Coleman grill in Kinco gloves crowd but its always entertaining to see the upper crust’s interoperation of proper ski gear.