Everything was going A-OK for the hikers in the video below.

They were on a backpacking trip through Gypsum Canyon, California back in April, and decided to whip out a camera to film a tricky descent through some rocks.

That’s when things went wrong.

The hiker, as seen in the blue jacket in the video below, was suddenly taken out by a loose rock that struck him from behind.

Check out the clip below, but warning, it’s pretty scary to watch:

The video was uploaded to YouTube by MyOwnFrontier. He has not stated how serious the hiker’s injuries were, but it certainly didn’t look good. Here’s what he said in the video description:

“4/22 near Gypsum Canyon. Part of a week -long packrafting adventure in a remote area of Utah where nothing really went as planned. Full story and trip video coming soon!

The full story/video has not been released, but we’ll make to sure to embed it here once it’s published.

Here’s hoping his injuries weren’t too bad! That looked scary as hell.