Russian Swing Snaps Above 5,000+ Foot Canyon (Watch)

Russian Swing Snaps Above 5,000+ Foot Canyon (Watch)


Russian Swing Snaps Above 5,000+ Foot Canyon (Watch)


Sulak Canyon – the Deepest Canyon in Europe · Russia Travel Blog

Two women were riding a swing attraction that juts out over a cliff in Russia’s Sulyak Canyon when the rope snapped causing the two to fall down below.

Warning: This video is pretty scary to watch.

Putin probably should have focused on his own country’s infrastructure before invading Ukraine, am I right?

The women survived with only minor injuries, thank god, but this video brings up a lot of questions.

For one, who in their right mind would take a look at that swing over a 6,000′ canyon and think,

“You know what, I trust this rusty old metal pipe that was installed during the Russian Revolution in 1920, and the thin decaying string to keep me from plummeting to my death.”?!

I know Russia is a wild place, but come on. Where’s some good-ol-fashioned bureaucratic safety agency like OSHA when you need em. Get with the program comrades!

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