Zach Has Every Skier's Dream Job At Mudroom & Nomad Sports (Jackson, WY)

Zach Has Every Skier's Dream Job At Mudroom & Nomad Sports (Jackson, WY)


Zach Has Every Skier's Dream Job At Mudroom & Nomad Sports (Jackson, WY)


I recently had the pleasure to sit down and talk virtually with Zach Hartnett (pictured above) of Mudroom & Nomad Sports.

My goal was to pick Zach’s brain about being a ski shop employee at one of the most iconic resorts in the world, and learn more about the incredible benefits that comes with the gig.

Mudroom & Nomad are the only two independently-owned ski shops in Teton Village at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s base.

Perks of the job include:

  • Free season pass to JHMR for full-time employees
  • Access to ski lockers just feet from the Tram
  • A 3-hour ski break per shift

Yeah. It’s legitimately the dream job for every skier and rider out there, and the good news is…they’re hiring!

Shoot an email over to if you’re interested in applying, and tell ’em we sent you!

You can click the video below to watch/listen to my full conversation with Zach, or keep reading for a transcribed copy of the best parts to learn more.

M= Matt Lorelli, Unofficial Networks | Z= Zach Hartnett, Mudroom & Nomad Sports

^Zach getting after it on a pow day.

M: Tell me about yourself and how you ended up working for Mudroom & Nomad.

Z: Yeah, right on, thanks for having me. So, my name is Zach Hartnett. I grew up in Northern Vermont mostly skiing Smugglers’ Notch and Jay Peak. Those are, in my very biased opinion, two of the best east coast mountains out there.

I went to Colby College up in Maine, and then everything kind of changed for me when I visited Jackson Hole on a Spring Break trip my senior year with a bunch of buddies. We had a blast, and it was an eye-opening experience to see what a mountain could hold.

I immediately knew it was a pretty awesome place. 5 of the 7 of us on that trip ended up moving to Jackson or Salt Lake City.

M: It’s the classic story of the east coast skier that goes out west, right?

Z: Haha yeah, I’ve met more people from Vermont out here than I met going to school in Maine.

^Zach’s coworker Jack Yaguda showing he knows how to use the equipment he sells at Mudroom & Nomad.

M: I don’t doubt that.

So, you work at Mudroom & Nomad, the only two independently-owned ski shops at the Jackson Hole base, can you tell me what your daily responsibilities are like?

Z: Yeah, for sure. The first couple of years I was working as a rental technician. Predominantly setting up rental and talking through ski options. Which was cool, I mean I always love to talk about skiing.

Recently, I’ve transitioned into being a full-time boot fitter, which has been a fun change. It’s a little bit more cerebral. You’re thinking a little bit more, and I enjoy finding solutions when people have problems with their boots.

But the cool thing about working at Mudroom & Nomad is that they’re small shops which means I get to do a little bit everything.

Retail, rentals, tech shop, boot fitting, I’ve had to do it all at Mudroom & Nomad and that’s helped me develop a greater knowledge and appreciation for the sport as a whole.

^Zach delivering packages on Gaper Day.

M: So you get to see these people coming in the shop all day every day, how often do you get to get out on the mountain yourself?

Z: Oh man. I’m skiing everyday if I want to. Last couple of years I averaged around 120 days. It’s a really special thing to ski that much. It’s sort of changed my entire perspective on the sport.

Like it or not, skiing can be stressful, but all of that kind of disappears for me. Individual days kind of lose their significance, and I can just be grateful to be out there as much as possible.

You don’t need everyday to be perfect when you ski 120 days a year.

M: Damn. Sounds like the dream job.

Z: Yeah. It really is. We have a 3-hour ski break built into our schedule every day. Which, basically if I don’t ski, it means that I’m just working more.

^Zach’s coworker Nick Peat slashing a deep turn during one of his 3-hour daily ski breaks.

M: So, how does that work then? Does the whole shop close down or are the ski breaks staggered?

Z: We stagger our ski breaks. Basically 1 or 2 people are going out every hour from 10am to 1pm and they’ll be out for 3 hours. The management really wants you to ski. They genuinely want you out there having fun because they believe that will make you a better employee.

M: Dang. You’re living the dream! So, from what I’ve read, it sounds like the shops straddle either side of the Jackson tram, is that correct? So you’re right there to go whenever your break starts, right?

Z: Exactly. I keep all of my gear 100 ft. from the tram dock. I don’t have to make a checklist when I leave the house or try to throw all my gear into my buddy’s truck each morning.

All of my gear is stored in a heated room with boot dryers provided by Mudroom & Nomad. I think there are people who pay preposterous amounts of money to store their gear right there ready to go at the tram.

^Zach’s coworker Justin sending it.

M: And what other perks come with the job at Mudroom & Nomad?

Z: One of the coolest things they just started doing last season is buying season passes for their full-time employees. We used to get discounted passes, but the shop really stepped up. I think that says a lot about the management. They are looking to help you out and really want you to be able to ski as much as possible.

M: Sounds awesome. I almost kind of want a job at Mudroom & Nomad… Don’t tell my bosses at Unofficial though…

We really appreciate your time Zach, and I want to give you one final chance to leave people  listening/reading with something if they’re thinking about moving out to Jackson and/or they’re thinking about working at Mudroom & Nomad.

Z: We’d love for anybody thinking about moving out to Jackson to get in-touch with us. Positions at Mudroom and Nomad are available, but are filling up quickly so please reach out if you’re interested. Shoot an email over to

M: Thanks for your time, Zach.

Z: Thanks for having me!

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