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GoPros are really good for catching random skiing accidents happening out on the hill. You could spend literally hours (I know because I’ve done it myself) watching various skiing and snowboarding accident vides on YouTube. It’s a bottomless pit of people being irresponsible on the slopes.

In my endless search I found this video from seven years ago that’s a little unique from the others, and actually has a practical reason for me to write about it.

The video’s description says that the culprit skier was in an unmarked gladed section at Killington when he lost control and clipped a skier on the groomed trail below him. He’s clearly at fault, and it’s worth noting that this kind of incident isn’t completely uncommon on the mountain.

There’s plenty of times that even marked glades dump out on to a groomer that runs perpendicular. Remember to always look uphill, and don’t be a Jerry out there.