Burning Man is America’s only sanctioned music, art, drug and orgy festival that takes place in the middle of a desert and culminates with the burning of more greenhouses than a small country.

It’s where the weirdos go to be weird, the rich go to pretend like they’re not, and old white dudes go to “find themselves”.

Say what you want about Burning Man, but it does kind of look like fun, but not in the traditional sense. Choking on dust, sweltering in oppressive heat, and taking shits in the sand isn’t exactly desirable in my book.

More like fun in the sense that you can pretend like you live in a Mad Max film, do a ton of hallucinogens, and have sexual encounters with dozens of strangers throughout a week that you probably won’t remember.

Yeah. That type of fun.

I was scrolling through my YouTube feed when the algorithm gods decided that I should watch a video of a drone show that took place at this year’s Burning Man.

It’s not something that I would typically click, but I think those creeps over at Google know me better than I do…

Here’s the video:


Modern drone shows are undeniably impressive, but I couldn’t help to imagine what a bunch of drugged-out hippies at Burning Man thought when they saw a glowing face appear in the sky above them.

Did they think they had reached Nirvana? Was the face God? Did they think that they were dead?

Hell, I got slightly weirded out watching it completely sober through my computer screen. I can’t even imagine what a 45-year-old-recently-divorced-Cali-finance-bro who was tripping balls on mushrooms thought.

If you know such a fella, or maybe you are the guy, shoot me an email.

I’d love to hear your story about how you “realized your full potential” and “came to accept your truth” thanks to a drug you got from a woman pretending to be a Shaman and a floating head made from drones.

Burning Man will go on under Trump (probably)

Burning Man….

Should I go next year and be the only sober person there? That could be fun. Then again, maybe not. I think drugs are needed to enjoy that type of fun…