Hunter Shoots At Charging Grizzly (Intense Video)

Hunter Shoots At Charging Grizzly (Intense Video)


Hunter Shoots At Charging Grizzly (Intense Video)


To say this is an intense video is a dramatic understatement…

Hunter Fred Eichler, who runs a popular YouTube channel, was recording as his boat encountered three grizzly cubs along a river bank.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a mama grizzly comes charging full speed at the boat. The guide has only a few seconds to firing a warning shot, and thankfully the gun didn’t jam.

Check out the insane video below. I’ve embedded it to start right before the action, but you can rewind if you want to hear Eichler’s full description of the encounter.

Fred Eichler“While floating down river to the next camp Fred and company come across three cubs and one angry momma bear.”

Eichler says earlier in the video: “Talk about a pucker factor, well that was one” might be the biggest understatement of all time. He faced death charging at him at 35mph, and he uses the word “pucker”?!

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