Tom Cruise Surprises Hikers With Paragliding Stunt For New Movie

Tom Cruise Surprises Hikers With Paragliding Stunt For New Movie


Tom Cruise Surprises Hikers With Paragliding Stunt For New Movie


Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: If Tom Cruise's crazy plane stunt looks  real, that's because it was… | Metro News

Tom Cruise’s passion for filming his own stunts is no secret. The Hollywood actor is known for doing things like hanging onto the side of airplanes (shown in the gif above), flying helicopters, and running on the walls of skyscrapers for his movies.

Most recently, a couple of hikers in England’s Lake District witnessed Cruise paraglide off a cliff for an upcoming Mission Impossible movie.

The hikers told The Sun that Cruise took a helicopter to the top of a cliff and apologized for the noise:

“Sorry for disturbing your peaceful walk with all the noise,” he reportedly told them. “I like your dog.”

As Cruise prepared to jump off the cliff, Sarah asked him, “Are you really going to jump off there?”

The actor reportedly smiled and nodded.

Two clips of Cruise landing his paraglider are currently circulating on Twitter. It appears that the Top Gun actor knows his way around handling a paragliding wing.

Is there nothing this dude can’t do? I mean it’s getting ridiculous at this point.

How is it physically possible for a 60-year-old to look to so good and be able to fly acrobatic planes, skydive, paraglide, and film his other action-packed stunts?

He’s gotta be taking some kind of drugs only available to the most elite, right? I don’t believe in those wild internet conspiracies that the world’s richest people drink baby’s blood or whatever to give them longevity, but Tom Cruise does, however, make me start to ask some questions.

Again, I’m not saying I believe it. I’m just saying that something fishy is going on with Cruise. I ain’t buying it that he’s preserved his physique, looks, and athleticism without some sort of unnatural enhancements….

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