Museum Acquires Rare 10th Mountain Division Toboggan

Museum Acquires Rare 10th Mountain Division Toboggan


Museum Acquires Rare 10th Mountain Division Toboggan


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The Colorado Snowsports Museum shared with their social media followers that they recently acquired a toboggan intended for 10th Mountain Division troops in World War II.

I’m a big time history buff, so forgive me if I’m overreacting, but I was geeking out at this post. So cool.

While the sled wasn’t actually used in the war, I still love anything involving The 10th Mountain Division.

I gotta make my way out The Colorado Snowsports Museum in Vail one of these days. I think I could spend a lot of time wandering those halls.

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Here are the full details about the sled from the Facebook post:

“The Colorado Snowsports Museum’s extensive list of 10th Mountain Division artifacts was enhanced with the acquisition of a rare toboggan that was initially intended for use by the mountain troops during World War II.

The sled, dubbed the Sled-Toboggan Convertible by the Army, is slightly over 7 feet tall and 20 inches wide. Commissioned for use in World War II, the date stamped on the toboggan is 6-7-45, which means that the war had ended before it became available.

The entire toboggan still has its original paint and the date explains why it is still in very good condition, as it looks like it was never used. The toboggan’s runners extend out and lock in place, possibly for use in deeper snow, while also collapsing back into the sled for snow packed trails or storage. This light weight style of toboggan was initially pulled by four soldiers on skis and was used to carry gear, as well as wounded soldiers. #FlashbackFriday”

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