Ski Lift Prank Is *Chef's Kiss* Perfect

Ski Lift Prank Is *Chef's Kiss* Perfect


Ski Lift Prank Is *Chef's Kiss* Perfect


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I don’t want to ruin the video for you. You just have to watch this ski lift operator in France prank the crap out of this unsuspecting skier. It’s so goddamn good.

I will say that that this is the perfect ‘prank’. Nobody gets hurt, there aren’t any serious consequences, and everybody can just have a good laugh. Hence the *chef’s kiss* in the title.

If only there were more surface lifts in the US… I need to see more people try this out. 😂

“The video is from Corrençon en vercors in France. The pole is not connected to the ski lift and the young man has fun with the customers!!”

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