Ski Resort Captures Moment Grizzly Awakes From Hibernation

Ski Resort Captures Moment Grizzly Awakes From Hibernation


Ski Resort Captures Moment Grizzly Awakes From Hibernation


Boo the Grizzly Bear - Kicking Horse Mountain Resort - YouTube

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, located in Golden, BC, shared an awesome video of their bear, Boo, awakening from his long hibernation. Boo lives on a designated 20-acres grizzly bear refuge on the resort property.

This is Boo’s 20th year with the resort, and they’re asking guests to keep quiet in the area while he wakes from hibernation.

The video is great, but I can’t but imagine Boo as a grumpy old man waking up from a long nap. He gives off major ‘Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my first 5000 cups of coffee after hibernation’ vibes.

Check out the awesome video for yourself, and read the caption for details.

From Kicking Horse Mountain Resort:

Grizzly Bear Refuge
One thing that sets Kicking Horse Mountain Resort apart from all other ski resorts is the Kicking Horse Grizzly Bear Refuge. The 20-acre area is the home of our resident grizzly bear, Boo. Boo hunts, plays, forages and explores within this natural mountainside habitat just like his wild cousins.

The interpretive centre is open daily during the summer and provides guests with the opportunity to observe an adult grizzly bear going about his daily routine. Everyone who comes to visit Boo is fascinated by his strength, agility, intelligence, and personality.

If you don’t see Boo during your initial visit, you can return for another FREE* tour. All of our visitors agree that sighting Boo the Grizzly Bear in his natural habitat is a truly unique experience and one they will never forget!”

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