Ski coach and Olympic Gold Medalist, Deb Armstrong, had the pleasure of taking a few laps with 87 year old Max and 73 year old Mary Killinger and discuss the secrets behind ski longevity. The Unofficial crew was just out in Taos and I’m wishing I could have had the honor of trying to keep up with Max and Mary at this absolute gem of a ski resort tucked away in the New Mexican high country. If you’re not already a subscriber to Deb’s youtube channel you’re missing out on some of the best ski content on the internet (SUBSCRIBE HERE):

p.s. Taos ski pro tip: If you’re looking for a quick quality bite/tallboy beer head to Cid’s Mountain Market in the village. The crew behind the grill are about the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet and they have an expansive selection of tasty beverages. Quesadilla and a brewski ∼$12.

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