^Alex Hall in disbelief after he laced his first run.

The Americans were flying high in last night’s ski slopestyle event. Alex Hall took the Gold and Olympic veteran Nick Goepper took Silver.

The competition was so much fun to watch. The athletes were making a concerted effort to progress the sport, and you didn’t have to look any further than Alex Hall’s Gold-medal winning run.

Hall’s 1st run just couldn’t be matched by any of the competitors. I personally loved his 1260 on the 2nd hit with that tasty nose butter on the landing pad. It was sweeeeeeeeeet.

The Olympics and NBC are lame so I can’t embed the video here. They apparently don’t want as many people as possible to watch their product? Seems counter-intuitive, right?

I hate to make you click a link to watch the video, but I’m forced to at this point. You just have to watch how sick Hall and Goepper’s runs were.

Click here to watch the video.

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