WATCH: Revisiting a Lost New Hampshire Ski Area

WATCH: Revisiting a Lost New Hampshire Ski Area


WATCH: Revisiting a Lost New Hampshire Ski Area


Back in November, we covered the story of the lost ski area in Etna, New Hampshire: Lords Hill. Since then, New Hampshire Chronicle did a profile of the ski area, and the latest developments surrounding the lost slopes. The video is below…

Bob Keene opened the rope tow alongside his new inn, the Keene Inn, in the early 1940s. Over the years, the ski hill grew from two to five trails, had a 1300 foot rope tow, and 270 vertical feet. The Pierce family bought the inn in 1971 and began to focus on the hotel. The mountain closed in the 1980s due to an increase in liability, rising insurance costs, and a lack of snow. Over time, most of the terrain grew in, but the inn has remained open as Pierces Inn. In recent years, their kids have fallen in love with skiing, and have worked on re-cutting the trails. The family also purchased a snowmobile, making the terrain accessible from a method outside of hiking and skinning. Colter, who is a student at Kimball Union Academy, made a short documentary about the lost ski area Some of the future plans could include a rope tow and snowmaking. A big question is if it will even open back to the public, but based on their comments in the Chronic video, it’s unlikely.

You can view the New England Lost Ski Areas Projects listing about the ski area here. The original documentary from Colter is below:

Image/Video Credits: WMUR, Kimball Union Academy

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