Giant Rotating Ice Disk Returns To Maine

Giant Rotating Ice Disk Returns To Maine


Giant Rotating Ice Disk Returns To Maine


The giant rotating ice disk that first went viral in 2019 has made its return to the city of Westbrook, Maine. The city first announced its return on January 11th through a Facebook post, and has been heavily documenting the life of the icy lazy Susan since.

According to the Associated Press, the disk forms due to a vortex and current under the ice, which causes sheets to slowly rotate and form into a near perfect circle. This does happen fairly often in nature, but ice circles this big (around 100-yards-wide) are pretty rare, especially in this kind of location.

As of January 13th, the ice disk is frozen in place, rather than rotating, but incoming warmer weather may free it up once again to continue its slow spin.

Unfortunately, city officials have warned the public to NOT go out onto the ice, calling it unsafe. Personally, I want to go ice skating, or cut a hole in the center and do some ice fishing, while slowly rotating with the current. Maybe one day I’ll be able to fulfill my dream…

Image Credits: City of Westbrook

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