Vail Resorts Property Crotched Mountain, NH Slashes Operating Hours

Vail Resorts Property Crotched Mountain, NH Slashes Operating Hours


Vail Resorts Property Crotched Mountain, NH Slashes Operating Hours


Crotched Mountain Trail Map | Liftopia

Crotched Mountain Trail Map

The bad week for Vail Resorts continues on.

If you’re not up to speed on what’s been going on at Crotched Mountain, NH lately, check out this post from Unofficial Networks’ Ian Wood here. He does a great job explaining that Crotched just randomly closed for “lift maintenance” during the holiday period, and the locals are skeptical about what’s going on at the mountain.

Now, Crotched Mountain has announced that they’re slashing their operating days and hours significantly. The mountain’s new operating hours are: Wednesday through Sunday, beginning January 1, with the following hours: Wed. 9-5; Thurs-Sat. 9-9; Sun. 9-5.

The comments on the post are less-than-happy with the decision. A lot of the negative feedback is about Crotched cutting night skiing hours. Locals used to enjoy long hours of night skiing at Crotched before Vail Resorts purchased the property.

It seems that Vail Resorts is growing quite a poor reputation amongst New Hampshire Epic Passholders.

Check out the full post below:

Here’s some of the comments on the decision (names have been shortened for privacy purposes, but you can simply click the comments tab on Facebook to read all of them for yourself):

Colleen A: “Honestly it is embarrassing that every other mountain has it figured out except you. The community that helps support Crotched deserves better.”

Maura D: “How many mountains is Vail going to ruin? Attitash is a mess cant get to the summit as the chair keeps breaking down, only a few trails open, Wildcat lost their snowmaking crew and hasnt opened the summit yet. Folks in Washington state already have a petition going against Vail for their horrendous conditions this year. Mandates causing employees to quit and work elsewhere, and they are. Loon, Ragged, Pats Peak have gotten trails open and made snow. People are fed up with Vail this year, including this season passholder!”

Brooks O: “what a joke, is vail purposefully trying to kill its nh mountains?”

Rebecca D: “So glad I bought a season pass. I hope you are thinking how you are going to refund us!”

Adam R: “So sad to see vail running Crotched right into the ground. I grew up skiing here (since 6 years old). It used to be a really great little mountain with people who really cared about the industry. It has been steadily going down hill (no pun intended). 😕”

Josh M: “This is bait and switch. You can’t sell weekday season passes and then remove 40% of the days you can go. On what planet is this OK? We’ve been diehard crotched fans but that may be over today.”

Steven B: “Vail should be ashamed for what it’s done to this place.
And local management should be ashamed for rolling over”

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