WATCH: Sam Kuch Is Poetry In Motion

WATCH: Sam Kuch Is Poetry In Motion


WATCH: Sam Kuch Is Poetry In Motion


“The video is out. I’m so proud to show it to everybody. Here goes is a little mantra that I always say before dropping in. It started from a superstition that it was giving me good luck but now has turned into a final hit of confidence I give myself before doing anything committing in life. I probably said “here goes” about ten thousand times last season so the title kind of named itself.” – Sam Kuch

Sam Kuch’s mantra “here goes” began as a superstitious habit and has become the final push of confidence used to face any task he might encounter. Everything from public speaking to dropping committed pillow lines in the backcountry. Anyone else have a little mantra they use before dropping in….let us know in the comments.


Ahhhh dogs. There’s no better living thing on Planet Earth than dogs, and you can’t change my mind about that. Here we have a dog eager to (…)

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