The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has an application from a company called Trend Exploration to drill for oil near the Everglades.

According to a report from the Miami Herald, Trend Exploration wants to drill an exploratory well 12,000-feet, over two miles, into the earth. The proposed location is the Big Cypress Swamp in Collier County. This swamp borders the Everglades to the east. John Cheeseman, yes Cheeseman, is the manager of Trend Exploration and claims the company did due diligence and conducted studies of the environmental impacts of the proposed project.

The State of Florida, with the support of environmentalists, shot down the proposal. The state cited the fact that the risk far outweighed the potential benefits. Drilling in this area could have serious consequences for endangered species such as the gopher tortoise, Florida Panther, and eastern indigo snake. In addition, there are concerns from water officials about the potential impact on the water supply. Local Seminole tribes also expressed concerns.

John Cheeseman plans to appeal the decision. It doesn’t seem likely that the decision would be reversed.

Images From: Florida Trippers Facebook Page, Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust Facebook Page