China Announces It's National Park System

China Announces It's National Park System

National Parks

China Announces It's National Park System


China has long had regional natural preserves. These preserves, numbering over 10,000 were managed at the local level. It has proven difficult for a large number of local governments and agencies to manage these preserves effectively and somewhat uniformly. In an effort to create a more streamlined approach, China just announced its own National Park System.

According to a report from News Channel 3, the group of national parks will focus on preserving the wildlife in the areas. The parks are scattered across the country. One of the more exciting parks is Giant Panda National Park. It stretches over three provinces and is home to three-quarters of the world’s population of Giant Pandas. This will surely be a hit with the tourists.

China Tiger and Leopard National Park seek to protect the population of those animals. Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park encompasses China’s most well-preserved rainforest and is home to some extremely rare species including the black-crested gibbon, an endangered primate.

This is an important development for China. The highly industrial country has a poor record of managing resources. Let’s hope this is a successful program.

Images From: People’s Daily Facebook Page, IPanda Facebook Page,

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