“Transporting people and materials in a compact yet powerful design is the specialty of the monorack. Be it in the vineyard, for alpine development, for forestry, in construction sites that are difficult to access or for accessing properties on slopes: thanks to the well-thought-out modular construction, slender rails and without any demands on the terrain, the monorack blends unobtrusively into any terrain.”

This monorail rack railway transport system made by chairlift industry leader Doppelmayr Garaventa makes me want to break out the Crayons and redraw my childhood dream home. The 3 story high French doors off the bedroom that open up to a dive platform above a fifty-foot deep swimming pool with dolphins will remain the same but I need to rethink how to incorporate a gas-powered personal monorail. So awesome. MORE INFO HERE.

The petrol monorack is unbeatable in rough terrain. Various types of vehicles are used in vineyards or to access difficult to access construction sites or alpine inns: solutions for the combined transport of up to four people and materials, pallet trucks with special attachments or dump trucks with a capacity of 300 liters for bulk goods such as gravel or concrete – the diverse options do this Petrol monorack to a reliable and robust work machine away from developed roads. If the monorack is only used temporarily, the system can be dismantled easily, quickly and inexpensively.


Garaventa has implemented over 700 systems since the launch of the Monorack in 1976. The Swiss quality product benefits from this many years of experience and is extremely robust, durable and low-maintenance. The Monorack is characterized by high operational reliability.


The route of a monorack system can largely be adapted to the terrain. The monorack easily masters gradients of up to 100% (45 degrees) and horizontal and vertical curves with a radius of up to 4m. The modular rail system can be expanded as required, with almost no limits to the route. Foundations are usually not necessary up to a line height of 6 meters, this keeps costs low and administrative effort low.


The vehicle composition and route are put together individually depending on the project requirements. Depending on your needs, the monorack can be set up for the transport of people and / or goods.


The monorack ensures economical transportation of people and materials. The environmentally friendly means of transport can be operated by everyone without any problems. The maintenance work is limited to the annual service on the vehicle and the periodic inspection of the route.