Christian Rigal's 'By The Homies' Is Urban MTB P*rn

Christian Rigal's 'By The Homies' Is Urban MTB P*rn


Christian Rigal's 'By The Homies' Is Urban MTB P*rn


How do you bring mountain biking to the masses? Just make some sick urban edits like Christian Rigal just did and wait 10 years. I guarantee you’ll have some inner city kids saving up to buy full-suspension bikes and they’ll be ripping all over the city, and the trail.

On a personal note. I’d like to report that my brain exploded out of the top of my head, hit my ceiling fan, got tossed out of my open window, landed in an open pickup truck headed for the airport, boarded a plane bound for Cape Canaveral, hopped on a NASA rocket, and blasted off to the moon watching this clip.

That was a long-winded way to explain that I thought this edit from Christian Rigal was awesome, but I’m sure you got the point.

“With no production, deadline, or professional filmer in sight, this mtb video, ‘By The Homies’ came together as I handed off my camera to some close friends to capture the most fun and unique setups I could find/build around home and on the road! Filmed across California, into Oregon and even a clip in Utah, this video wouldn’t have been possible without my talented friends DeMarcus Paul, Corey Martinez, Brandon Semenuk and Rob Wise. Thanks to X Games for hosting, Warish for the music, Racket Sound on the audio, Trevor Lyden for the photos, and all my sponsors for keeping me rollin! -Christian”

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