The Old Honda Passport Was An Underrated Ski Bum Vehicle

The Old Honda Passport Was An Underrated Ski Bum Vehicle


The Old Honda Passport Was An Underrated Ski Bum Vehicle


It can be fun to marvel at the classic ski bum vehicles you might find in the parking lot at your favorite ski area. Old Toyota Tacomas and 4Runners have a bombproof reputation and classic style. Some might be partial to the old Subaru Outback Sport. The boxy appearance of the classic Jeep Cherokee is notable as is the old-school Nissan Pathfinder. We have even previously discussed one of the more wallet-friendly ski bum vehicles, the Isuzu Rodeo.

Let’s discuss another lesser-known option that shares some similarities with the previously mentioned vehicles: the original Honda Passport. The first and second-generation Honda Passport shared a lot of the aesthetics as the immensely popular Toyota 4Runner and Nissan Pathfinder. Yet, for some reason, it never really gained the same cult following. It was rugged-looking and offered the dependability of a Japanese engine. The Passport was available in 4-wheel drive with a manual transmission, got about 20 miles-per-gallon probably rolled over a fair bit. What’s not to like?

Indeed, the original Passport had everything you’d want as a ski bum. Perhaps most importantly, you could find them being sold cheap. Nothing says “ski bum” like moving to a mountain town and purchasing a 20-year old SUV for $1,800.

Next time you see an old Honda Passport slowly making its way up to the ski hill, give it an Unofficial salute.

Images from: Morehead Honda Facebook Page, Mountain Valley Motors Facebook Page


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