Mount Sunapee Announces Major Development Plan

Mount Sunapee Announces Major Development Plan


Mount Sunapee Announces Major Development Plan


Out with the old, in with the new. Mount Sunapee showed off their new entrance sign on Monday, completing their rebrand that they started in 2018. The old entrance sign was more of a retro look, while this one is certainly more flashy. I’ll miss the old one because it was something I frequently drove by while going up to the mountain, but this new sign looks pretty nice as well. The change officially marks the conclusion of the Mueller/Triple Peaks Era that revitalized the mountain into one of the most popular resorts in the state, and into the Vail Resorts era that begun when the mountain was purchased by them in 2018.

Additional improvements could be on the horizon for Mt. Sunapee. In 2020, Mt. Sunapee released its 2020-25 Master Development Plan to the state. The previously approved West Bowl expansion would feature new runs, a base area, and two new lifts. Other potential changes include the replacement of the Sunapee Express, the replacement of the North Peak Triple with a quad chairlift, moving the North Peak Triple to the base of the Sunbowl to add additional terrain to the Cataract area, replacing the Spruce Triple with a quad chairlift, new trails, the addition of night skiing, more summer activities, lodge renovations, a new surface lift that would connect the Spruce Lodge to parking lot #3, and more.

As a local, I hope to finally see Sunapee make these changes to make it one of the behemoths of the East Coast.

The future developments from Mt. Sunapees 2020 Development Plan

Image Credits: Mount Sunapee, Friends of Mount Sunapee

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