Cougar Has Anxious Stand-Off With Hiker

Cougar Has Anxious Stand-Off With Hiker

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Cougar Has Anxious Stand-Off With Hiker


Trevor Rasmussen was hiking in Glacier National Park when he encountered a large mountain lion staring at him on the trail. He did the right thing by standing his ground and making lots of noise to deter the big cat from getting too close.

Kudos to him guy for literally starting death in the face and scaring it off.

That must have given him the adrenaline rush of a lifetime, or made him so scared afterwards that he had to dig a sizeable hole to relieve himself if you know what I mean… 😆

Trevor Rasmussen: “Here is my standoff with a mountain lion that happened last summer in Glacier National Park. I did see the abscess when filming it and the first thing I did when I got out of the woods was report it to some rangers. I showed them the video, the abscess and told them the location where it happened. Fortunately it was in a place that was easy enough to remember and the park rangers were on top of it. 🙂
I was carrying bear spray.”

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