I Just Want to Go Roller Skiing With The Boys

I Just Want to Go Roller Skiing With The Boys


I Just Want to Go Roller Skiing With The Boys


Why didn’t roller skiing ever catch on in the United States? It seems like our capitalistic consumer economy would be the perfect place to incubate a bubbling roller skiing scene. We also have plenty of ski areas/resorts across the country that could have doubled as year-round destinations for skiing.

Something clearly happened, because it just doesn’t make sense why the sport wouldn’t catch on. I mean, wouldn’t it be sick to ride the slopes of your favorite local hill all year even if it meant strapping on a pair of roller skis? I know the experience clearly can’t be the same as sliding as snow, but surely it’s close enough to satisfy any skier’s desire for turns in the summer.

Can we please try to resurrect roller skiing? I just want to drive to a small midwestern hill with my closest friends and get a diet skiing experience in the middle of July. Is that too much to ask for?

Look at these bros Warren Miller filmed back in 1984 for his film ‘Ski Country’ and tell me that doesn’t look like an absolute blast. Ski manufactures, ski resorts, and big wigs who control the American public’s views on product consumerism I’m looking at you.

Get to work on making this happen!

Get it done or I’m going to be forced to keep writing angry blogs about roller skiing. I’m sure that will light a fire under some of your pants…

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