Paris' Street Skating Scene Looks Magnifique!

Paris' Street Skating Scene Looks Magnifique!


Paris' Street Skating Scene Looks Magnifique!


Red Bull Skateboarding took a trip to Paris (I always have to say Paris like the French, ‘pair-ee’, just to sound like a d-bag) and it looked hella fun. Pretty cool to see that there’s a bustling community of street skaters in The City of Light.

I assumed that the French would be too busy smoking cigarettes, sipping champagne, and sticking their nose up to Americans to have time to go skating. I’m totally kidding, but I’m sure there’s quite few Parisians that spend the majority of their time doing those activities…

Red Bull SkateboardingWe hit the streets of Paris to check out some classic Parisian spots with TJ Rogers, Lucas Rabelo, Angelo Caro, Gustavo Ribeiro & more as we get ready for the Red Bull Paris Conquest!

Paris has a skateboarding history dating back to the 1970’s both at the Trocadero where slalom was all the rage (as immortalised by the 1978 short film Trocadero Blue Citron) and at the Beton Hurlant skatepark and Bowl de la Villette. It wasn’t until the mid-1980’s, however, that skaters began to explore the city streets beyond the Trocadero, discovering new playgrounds like ‘Le Dome’, Chatelet, La Defense, Creteil, Bercy and so many others.

For our Paris Conquest event we recreated some of the French capitol’s most famous skate spots in a unique street course at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.”

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