Best Hikes in Glenwood Springs, Colorado: Hanging Lake to Red Mountain
Hanging Lake, Courtesy: Visit Glenwood Springs

Sad news out of Colorado this morning.

Hanging Lake, in Glenwood Canyon, is one of Colorado’s most popular attractions for hikers. The trail was closed after forest fires ravaged the area last year, but it was reopened to the public in April of this year.

Denver 7 News is now reporting that the trail to Hanging Lake is closed again due to mudslides caused from rainwater falling on burn scars from last year’s fire. Those mudslides have flooded Hanging Lake with a murky brown water that’s noticeably different from the lake’s famous turquoise-blue hue.

The geologist in the video says that it might take a few years before the water returns to its normal color. Such a bummer.


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