Great Salt Lake Reaches Record Tying Low Level

Great Salt Lake Reaches Record Tying Low Level


Great Salt Lake Reaches Record Tying Low Level


Us Drought Monitor Map. 7/22/21

The mega-drought is pummeling water levels across the American southwest, and Utah’s Great Salt Lake is no exception.

FOX 13 News Utah is reporting that the Great Salt Lake has reached a daily average elevation of 4,191.4 feet per day, tying the record lows recorded in 1963. Officials expect that the lake levels will continue to fall as the drought has no end in sight.

Officials note that the Great Salt Lake is an extremely valuable part of Utah’s ecosystem and economy. Most notably, for our interests, the lake is essential in developing snow storms of “The Greatest Snow on Earth”.

Utah’s Governor urged Utahns to pray for rain earlier in the year, and is now giving very loose details about how the state is working with scientists from “different sectors” to handle the problem. It’s super comforting…

The Great Salt Lake has been slowly shrinking since the 80s but I think we can all acknowledge that a mega-drought spurred by climate change is something we should all be very alarmed about.

2021 lake levels shown in blue, compared to 2020 (green), and 2019 (purple) Credit: Lakes Online

Less snow in the mountains during the ski season would obviously suck for us skiers and snowboarders, but not having sustainable water for the people who live in Utah would be a tragedy with significant consequences.

Here’s to hoping the end of the drought is near, or else I’m going to have to start making some hopeless prayers to every god imaginable…

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