Flash Flood Rushes Towards City With Terrifying Speed

Flash Flood Rushes Towards City With Terrifying Speed


Flash Flood Rushes Towards City With Terrifying Speed


Arizona experienced numerous flash floods as rain doused the state over the last few days. Monsoon Season is in full-effect for the Grand Canyon State.

A man in Flagstaff, AZ captured the moment a flash flood filled a drainage basin in a matter of seconds. The fast moving water filled with debris slammed against the barriers with a scary amount of force.

Flash floods popped up all around the state, including a man whose vehicle was swept up in fast-moving waters near Tucson, Arizona. Rescue teams had to evacuate him and his two daughters through the roof of his jeep as floodwaters pounded the car.

“Other communities in the area reported unpassable roads and streets that looked like rivers. Residents were told to shelter in place in Coconino County or move to higher ground when possible. The flood was in part a result of a wildfire that left scarred earth two years ago. Another video posted to social media showed a Toyota Prius sailing down a street.”- ABC 7 News

This video looks like something out of a disaster movie.

Another flash flood reportedly swept through a campsite of rafters in the Grand Canyon killing a woman from Michigan.

Our thoughts and condolences are with her friends and family.

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