“This is two and half years under 10 feet of snow, at least three times, melts, ice, rain, summer heat.”

A local doctor made an interesting discovery and is hoping to reunite a Calgarian with their old phone. City News reports Dr. Tom Kelly was hiking up to Gravenstafel Peak in the Castle region on June 19th and on his way down a ski run he found an old iPhone.

“I got back down, I plugged it in, and it showed that it was going to put some power into it.” 

When he turned it on, it was unlocked and the date showed Feb. 3, 2019. Kelly was able to identify the owner through the few photos and some information on the phone. He left a message in hopes of being able to return it to the owner named Mark. He hasn’t gotten back to him yet, so if anyone knows a Mark who lost his phone a few years back at Gravenstafel let him know Dr. Tom has it!

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