Snowmass Falls Ranch

“Snowmass Falls Ranch is for the family seeking spectacular mountain scenery and seclusion in close proximity to the highest level of resort amenities. This is the ultimate mountain retreat – It’s a 10 in beauty, a 10 in seclusion, and a 10 in location. It is exceedingly rare to find this combination in one property. Truly there is nothing else like it. “

I’ve never seen a mostly undeveloped real estate property with a fifty million dollar price tag, but this may warrant it.  The Snowmass Falls Ranch is located in the heart of the Maroon-Bells Snowmass Forest, and it’s the last privately owned property in the upper Snowmass Creek valley. Aspen County is an area that is swamped with crowded and pricy housing, but this vast acreage will give you solitude with a hefty price tag. It is literally only one mile from Snowmass and it is ten miles from the town of Aspen. An epic description of the property by realtor Brian Smith is below:

“Encompassing a picturesque mountain valley nestled at the base of towering peaks, Snowmass Falls Ranch offers the ultimate combination of natural beauty, seclusion, and access to world-class amenities. This stunning 650± acre ranch is highlighted by lush meadows, tumbling streams, aspen groves, and forested hillsides, all set against a backdrop of snowcapped summits. Mount Daly dominates the view from the ranch headquarters, and a fortuitous bend in the valley brings additional peaks into view, including Clark Peak and Snowmass Mountain. It is an incredible setting for a multitude of activities – fishing, hunting, riding, hiking, ranching, entertaining, or just relaxing.

Snowmass Falls Ranch is the last privately-owned property in the upper Snowmass Creek valley. The access road ends at the front gate, and surrounding the ranch is the Maroon Bells – Snowmass Wilderness. This massive 181,535-acre roadless area has over 100 miles of foot and horseback trails and six of Colorado’s peaks over 14,000 feet, accessible right from the property. This not only creates a gateway to an enormous wilderness playground, but a desirable end-of-the-road setting removed from development and other private landowners. By nature of being surrounded by pristine wilderness, the ranch feels much larger than its deeded acreage.”

In 1906, Kate Lindving acquired the property via the Homestead Act. She used the land for ranching before selling it to the Perry Family in the 1940s. The Perrys maintained the land but never developed much of it, keeping it in its current state. Conservation Easements were considered due to the area’s pristine setting but never implemented onto the land, meaning further development is possible.

Here are some of the main features of the property.  You can take a further look at the property here.

-650 Deeded acres

-End of the road seclusion(Adjacent to Snowmass)

-Multiple historic off-the-grid cabins

-No conservation easement

-Surrounded by more than 181,535 acres of the Maroon Bells – Snowmass Wilderness

-In a mountain valley that is surrounded by 13-14,000 foot peaks

-Two streams with waterfalls and senior water rights, and direct access to over a hundred miles of hiking and horse trails of the area.

Image Credits: Hall and Hall

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