Fast Moving Avalanche Filmed In Slovakia

Fast Moving Avalanche Filmed In Slovakia


Fast Moving Avalanche Filmed In Slovakia


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Slovakia’s Western Tatra Mountains, Photo: Piotr J

A dangerous avalanche was filmed earlier this year in Slovakia by a couple of ski tourers that were just out of reach the dangerous slide.

I’ve copy and pasted the Instagram caption into Google Translate so we can have a rough idea of what’s going on here.

Translated from Slovak to English:

“A short description not to forget. We caught the fall of the Avalanche and we are at a safe distance
They watched the first rise and deceleration of the entire mass of snow. After a while we reached Laviništia as at the top we saw traces of a skier and we had absolutely no certainty whether someone was there or not.
We waited to film and later, even during the descent, we checked the full beginning and end of the avalanche where, thank God, we found nothing. At the same time, we had complete avalanche equipment and our caution increased even more.
At the same time, it was a similar experience for us and for me as meeting a bear. These situations with a good ending are a reward 😉🙏🏼🏔🏔 for the behavior towards the mountains towards nature and the surroundings in it.

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