“Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Alaïa Bay is the first surfing basin in continental Europe. Probably the most spectacular surf spot for a session, whatever the level.”

Holy smokes does this place look rad. Located in Sion, in the heart of the Alps, Alaïa Bay is the very first wave pool in Mainland Europe boasting perfect swells on demand with snow capped mountains as a backdrop. The 8,300m2 pool can pump out waves catered for all skill levels so they can accommodate the needs of everyone from pros blasting aerials to first timers looking to get their feet wet. The inaugural weekend is coming up on the June 19 & 20 so don’t delay making a reservation. BOOK HERE

Here’s a demo video of Alaïa Bay capabilities: 

The pictures of this place are straight up otherworldly: 

Here’s a trip chronicle from Nick Pescetto who was speechless from this amazing experience:

images from alaia.bay FB

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