“When you drop into that perfect turn, hovering above water on the foil, completely one with the board, experiencing flight… you’ll remember that moment for the rest of your life.”

What’s better than the cruising across the water floating a magic carpet while effortlessly flowing mellow turns like you’re cruising a groomed green with 2 feet of dry pow on top….doing it with your best friend in the world of course. Meet the new LIFT3 eFoil, the fastest, most durable, longest lasting eFoil on the market. This next-gen watercraft has a ride time of up to 120 minutes, a max speed of >30mph and the all important capability of supporting two riders at once. Will take some effort to get your synchronized steering down but once you do you’ll be traveling in style like your boyz Lloyd and Harry.


Our next generation LIFT3 board lineup combines Lift Foil’s past with a look into the future. After 3 years of board design and extensive customer feedback, we have kept some of the features that were most popular while adding more maneuverability and freedom into overall ride, all while improving weight, durability and ride-time.

How did we do that?

We redesigned our edges and water release points for a smooth and stable ride on the water, making it easier for any rider to get started on a smaller size board. With a reduced length and decreased mass in the nose of the board, there is less swing weight when carving a turn from side to side so the rider feels enhanced response and more control. The result; a board that offers the best combination of stability and performance, and a whole lot more fun. 

We also redefined the construction of our boards and while doing so, completely evolved the old processes of a 100 year old surfing industry into something modern and high tech. As we began getting deeper into totally new design methodology, we ended up saying “what the hell, why not.” 

Our boards are built in highly refined steel tools used to forge carbon fiber parts at extreme temperatures and heat. This is a process that is used with the most luxurious and advanced supers, and we are the only eFoil company to use such advanced practices. The results are that of a unique marbled carbon fiber that is lighter and stronger than our previous models. Not to mention, it looks incredible. MORE INFO HERE

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