Gnarly thing to see whip by after a relaxing day ice fishing. MLIVE reports this video was taken last month near Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario where Ryan Thorburn was wrapping up a day on the lake when he saw a coyote running from two wolves in the distance coming straight at him (the second wolf in the far right of the video at the beginning):

“They ran right past me, the one right in front of me you see in the video, then the second wolf behind me. The one behind me stopped and stared at me. It did frighten me because I don’t trust wolves. This was definitely a surreal experience.”

Thorburn may have actually saved the coyote by scaring the wolves with his snowmobile

“They did get the pounce on the coyote, however, my snowmobile did scare them. The wolves then went one way and the coyote went another.”

Thorburn says even though the coyote got away, it was injured, saying it limped away.

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