Gorgeous Sunset Backcountry Skiing On Mt. Mansfield, VT

Gorgeous Sunset Backcountry Skiing On Mt. Mansfield, VT

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Gorgeous Sunset Backcountry Skiing On Mt. Mansfield, VT


Approximate route filmed in video

The backcountry scene isn’t refined just to mountains in the west.

YouTube channel Tyler and Meara show us that Mt. Mansfield, VT can fire as hard as the big boys out west.

The screenshot from Google maps above shows the approximate location of where this video was filmed, according to the video description.

The skiers were in the West-facing aspects of Mt. Mansfield, VT. Stowe Ski Resort is on the East-facing aspects.

The route gives skiers over 2,000 vertical feet of backcountry terrain. Not a bad way to enjoy a sunset, eh?

Tyler and Meara‘One of our favorite backcountry ski runs yet! The conditions were variable (typical east coast style) with light fluffy powder at the higher elevations and a hard, thick, icy crust down lower. The crust was tough to deal with but the beautiful sunset and amazing views from the top more than made up for it! We started at the Stevensville Road parking lot in Underhill and headed up to just below the forehead of Mt. Mansfield before heading down. The ski down starts with a few large, open snowfields with views over Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks before heading into some very open hardwoods with plenty of terrain to get in good turns and find untracked areas! ‘

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