Which Ski Resort Has The Worst Traffic?

Which Ski Resort Has The Worst Traffic?


Which Ski Resort Has The Worst Traffic?


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I-70? More Like U-Stuck

Oh baby buckle up your boot straps for this debate.

Things are getting HEATED in the comment section as skiers and boarders argue that ‘their’ home resort has the worst traffic, and not ‘yours’!

Jim D: “I would guess Vail , it’s right on a main hwy and all the rich people want to go there .”

Andrew R: “Mammmoth, anything in the Aspen and Vail area, Cottonwood Canyon. Pick one. My local hill, Bogus Basin, is at the end of a sixteen mile road with 216 turns. Somehow it manages to stay pretty clear.”

Sweet subtle brag… Andrew.

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Chandler H: “Nothing compared to the heavier vail resorts but Stevens Pass in the PNW is horrendous driving westbound on the way home. Traffic backed up on the highway through several towns, pretty much have to ski until 6 to avoid the shit show. Plus everyone goes 50 in the 60 on the way up until the passing zones in the last 10 miles and then everyone goes 70. Sooooo many jerries even with a reservation cap”

Larry C: “Squaw Valley if I don’t leave my house in Tahoe City by 7:30 I’m screwed on the weekends”

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“It took 7 hours to get to the resort” = Tahoe traffic picture


‘Build the monorail!’

Biff N: “My question is what ski resort doesn’t have horrible traffic?”

Jamie R: “Nothing tops beech mountain in NC. You will sit for hours upon hours just to go half a mile to get in the parking lot then wait another 3 hours to get your tickets that we’re ordered online”

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Duncan M: “Paoli Peaks, always getting stuck at a cattle crossing or behind an Amish horse and carriage.”

Skiing in Indiana. People forget that.

Brian C: “7 Springs!! Countyline road with 3 snowflakes on it or 1 drop of rain, is far too challenging for Pittsburgh, Baltimore and DC drivers.”

Joe C: “Weekends suck, today sucked”

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With so much traffic in the L-C-C, it’s kind of hard bein’ Snoop-D-O-double-G

Sean R: “I left Utah quite a while ago, truly sad to be reading about these travel times in the cottonwoods-still great times I’m sure”


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