Speed Riding At a Closed Italian Ski Resort

Speed Riding At a Closed Italian Ski Resort

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Speed Riding At a Closed Italian Ski Resort


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Terminillo Piste Map

Speed flying, speed riding, paragliding, all roughly the same thing right?

Watch as this skier goes speed riding down, above, and over the trails of an Italian ski resort closed due to COVID-19. I doubt he’s complaining that the chairlifts and resorts are closed… 🙄

YT Channel ‘Nicolas‘: “my first Speed Riding line ever down Mount Terminillo in the central Apenine mountains in Italy riding on a Ozone Firefly 3 18m caught on my #GoPro8 #4k #flyozone #firefly3 #speedriding #terminillo #monteterminillo

The freedom to fly and ski at the same time cannot be matched (I assume). I’ve always wondered if this could work on a backcountry outfitter scale. The outfitter would provide the uphill transportation, and training/chutes/guides to ride low-angle powder terrain.

Sounds like a cool ideal until you consider the liability insurance premiums. You have to ask yourself, ‘How long until I get sued?’.

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Looks fun

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