Mountain Lion Spotted In-Bounds At Big Sky

Mountain Lion Spotted In-Bounds At Big Sky


Mountain Lion Spotted In-Bounds At Big Sky


Reddit user u/pillageinyourvillage (what a name) spotted a rather large mountain lion at Big Sky on 1/27/21:

Big Sky MT, big kitty (in bounds mountain lion 1.27) from skiing

He commented in the thread to explain the sighting:

This was at 2:30pm between Soul Hole and Wild Bill in the trees, remarkably close to the Swifty lift line.

It was a quiet Wednesday and I had done this run a few times before without seeing anyone. I saw the kitty about 50 yards out – it let me take this picture and then sat down and stared at me. After a minute jn total awe, I realized that this is a pretty big deal predator and clacked my poles together. Kitty slinked off west-ish and I booked it down to ski patrol.

After telling the story (they said it was a bobcat) and then showing the picture (hahaha), about a half dozen snowmobiles took off and everyone was on a radio. By the time I got to the top of the lift again, they had closed down half the mountain.

An incredible, once in a million chance to see one of natures’ most amazing creatures. I am so lucky to have seen it. I am also SO lucky it didn’t want to ruin my day, lol.”

Approximate location of mountain lion

Whelp. That’s terrifying.

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